Tan Tan

We had a very long day planned for our first day in Western Sahara. We wanted to ride all the way to the famous camping Le Roi Bedouin near Laayoune but my battery had different plans. Instead we had a 3 hour stop in Tan Tan where local mechanics fit me out with a “batterie d’origine” which is at best Chinese and most likely what they equip their 3 wheel trucks with. But it works!


i have to give a special thanks to Steve who contacted me after seeing our blog on the ABR forum. Steve told us about a nasty little trick the police plays on unsuspecting out-of-towners. There is a concealed stop sign at a round about on the way out and a policeman hides and catches anyone who fail to see it. He charges 40€ for it! We were warned and managed to avoid being caught, unlike two cars of Senegalese people we had met at s petrol station earlier… Thanks for the heads up Steve!

The delay meant that we stayed the night in Tarfaya after the hottest day so far. What we saw of Western Sahara was far from what we had expected. Of course it’s long, dry and empty but we found it quite beautiful. The roads follows the Atlantic and now and then overlooks magnificent bays and kilometres of sandy beach. Our second day wasn’t even very hot; the ocean breeze was welcome and the north easterly wind meant it was in our back and made the ride easy. Also, there is no lack of petrol stations; we had been a little concerned about this.

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