Banjul or bust!


Welcome to Banjul! What a great sign to see after a very sweaty ride into The Gambia.

We have done it. We’ve ridden 7,000km from London, through the desert and around West Africa. It’s is such an amazing feeling but now we’re sad to say goodbye to the bikes as we relax until we fly home on Thursday.

The last few days updates will be posted soon!

2 thoughts on “Banjul or bust!

  1. WELL DONE! Hope you really do get a bit of a rest and some relaxation before you head back to Europe and UK. We’ve had some beautiful weather recently but I’m afraid you will be coming back to rain, so enjoy the heat and sunshine while you can.

    Love Chantal

  2. You are The best. Of you made this you can make (almost) everything. Yes we are proud of you.
    Look very much forward to talk to you.

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