Into the desert part 2

The roof terrace at Bikers Home was a great place to see Ouarzazate waking up. The colours at dawn and dusk in this part of the world are beautiful. We ambitiously set out to do a 65km track that Peter had recommended but after a couple of miles decided to backtrack. The track would have been too heavy on the bikes and would have delayed us too much. Instead we took the longer, Tarmac-ed road and didn’t regret one bit. It took us through amazing desert, very close to the Algerian border.

The people here in the Djebel Bani were predominantly berbers, have darker skin and, we found, were much more approachable. The desert can have many faces and we rode through hilly black stretches, followed by long orange flats bordered by tall mountains. We then reached and followed a very wide dry river bed which drew a ribbon of palm trees through the valley. This is where we decided to camp; under a sky full of stars and miles away from anyone. So we thought though because the next morning, as we were ready to leave a man on a moped appeared from nowhere, parked his mount against a palm tree, shook our hands and disappeared a little further. We had no idea what he was doing but obviously this is where he spent his day…


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