Now we’ve definitely reached the real Sahara. Mauritania is magnificent!

We have ridden 500km in the last two days and only seen sand dunes, camels, two settlements/villages, one petrol station and 3 police/officials….

Oh and it’s SCORCHING HOT! Happy to be relaxing at Auberge Sahara in Nouakchott before heading for Senegal tomorrow.


Riding to the Sahara

It feels like we’ve left Morocco but we’re still officially in the south. Tonight we’re in Tarfaya, on the coast north of Laayoune.

The closer we get to the ‘disputed border’ of Western Sahara, the more police checks we encounter, the more sand dunes we see and the straighter the roads become. Too hard to stop for a good photo today but this shows how straight they are! The scenery has actually been outstanding but you’ll have to wait for a proper update for more.