Lion river

Oued Zem was a real crossroad town and somehow it was a happening place for locals. At least the place next door to our hotel room… I woke up at night wondering how it was possible for men to be so rowdy without booze or women! Maybe Muslim men have better imagination than us westerners.

We woke up early and made our way to Rabat in time to collect our Mauritanian visas from the embassy. We found our way easily but the rain was still haunting us…we stopped at a service station outside of town to dry off and eat but of course, being Eid it meant no where was selling food. We managed to buy some over priced bits and pieces for a make shift lunch and were allowed to eat it in the cafe with our mint tea.

When we joined the small queue of people we had first seen at the Embassy when we came the first time Louise was in real travellers mode and decided to drop her bike trousers to dry her long-johns. She did ask around if that bothered anyone to which she was told “it don’t bother me but don’t try this in Mauritania!”.

Visas in hand we felt we were finally moving on after the delay. We could now focus on making progress south towards warmer climes. We high-fived each other and head out south west towards Casablanca where we would spend the night. Our curse was still not over and we were rained on horribly. Our wet clothes which had tried to dry were now soaked again and as we entered Casa our spirits were at their lowest. The traffic was unbelievable and the visibility nil. It was like if someone was hosing us down. I had a low speed collision with a moped rider who was trying to push me out of the way… I won. To raise our spirits we treated ourselves to some nice seafood and even had wine! We thus broke a 10 day dry spell!


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