Into the desert

The following morning we woke up to glorious sunshine; we had a lump in our throats as we finally put some clothes out to dry in the sun. We then headed out of town towards the high atlas. The roads were amazing, the scenery a warm terra-cotta colour dotted with bright greens from palm trees. Up the mountain and through the passes we were then surrounded by deep valleys and waterfalls. Our road sometimes hung to the cliff’s edge and wound it’s way through magnificent vistas. On the other side, after the famous Tizi’n Tchica pass and its 1000 hairpin bends, we followed a Oued (river) towards the vast expanses of what would become the desert. The landscape stretched for tens of miles with orangey/yellow stones, bordered in the distance by rough, abrupt mountains. This was the gateway to the desert and the realisation that we had ridden our trusty (?) bikes all the way to this Mars-like place was amazing.

We reached Ouarzazate and stayed at the famous “bikers home” where Peter and Zeineb cooked us a delicious meal and provided great dinner conversation.




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