Oued Zem


We’ve made it to Oued Zem, a medium sized town 150km south of Rabat. We are clearly the only tourists around; there are no restaurants open because of Eid, our bathroom tap has a slight drizzle & the police stopped to ask what we were doing! Having fun and looking forward to collecting our visas in Rabat tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Oued Zem

  1. Errr….. why are you 150km south of Rabat and then going north again to Rabat to collect visas? Did you plan to go back on your tracks? Anyway, the hotel looks quaint, like something out of Agatha Christie!

    Keep the messages coming – they are great



    • We applied for visas in Rabat on Thursday but because of Eid we had to wait until Monday. Decided to head inland and loop around to see some of the Atlas Mountains. Collecting visas tomorrow pm, then heading down towards Marrakech and picking up our planned route further south! X

  2. Oued Zem=Lion River (oued is Arabic for river, Zem is Berber for lion). The last Barbary lions in the wild in Morocco were killed in the 1940s but I’m told there’s still panthers around.


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