Wind protection R1150GS

The BMW R1150GS is a brilliant motorcycle but it suffers from an annoying oversight by its German manufacturer; the wind protection is awful. It’s untypical of BMW, especially for such a practical motorcycle. The GS is designed to cross continents on all terrain and its form has followed function; that’s why it looks weird.

The stock screen is too narrow and the turbulence at head level is abominable. The GS may be able to carry you hundreds of miles in a single day on all type of terrains, but the rider will want to get off it sooner only because of the buffeting. Which defies the point of this motorcycle and is one of its few downsides.

I have spent hours looking for a solution and there doesn’t seem to be a definitive answer or an agreed compromise amongst bloggers. But here is my experience and what has worked for me.

The first thing I did after riding the 1150GS was to go straight to eBay and buy a second hand Adventure screen. These are wider and taller and, although it did provide more wind protection on my torso, the buffeting on the helmet was not diminished. I then bought a pair of Tobinators, to be able to angle the screen in just the right position so as to create a smoother airflow. This didn’t work; and I spent way too much time trying the infinite number of settings offered by the Tobinators. I then decided to go back to the original screen and to add a wind deflector on the top. These flaps are built by a number of different companies but I chose the PUIG brand because it was cheaper and looked very similar to the competition. It worked very well indeed, increasing the height of the screen, but also giving it a sharper angle at the top, thus guiding the airflow above my helmet. The torso and arms protection was still bad though and I therefore re-installed the Adventure screen, on Tobinators and with the deflector attached. I am very happy with the result and I feel that I have finally found the wind protection which the GS, a bike designed for overlanding, should have provided as stock.