Road irritations


The ‘warning – camel’ sign has become a moment of amusement. In South Africa we laughed at Ostrich, now we have the humped animal to make us smile.

When you’ve ridden for 100s of kilometres and see a camel crossing the road it’s pretty spectacular!


Happy in Marrakech


We hadn’t planned to spend time in Marrakech (we can easily come here another time!) but after the torrential rain and wind around the Atlantic Coast we’ve come here for some R&R. And we’ve found it!

Oued Zem


We’ve made it to Oued Zem, a medium sized town 150km south of Rabat. We are clearly the only tourists around; there are no restaurants open because of Eid, our bathroom tap has a slight drizzle & the police stopped to ask what we were doing! Having fun and looking forward to collecting our visas in Rabat tomorrow.